Yves Fonck


a mother and a daughter
13' - 2002 - direction: Jeroen Janss , images: Yves Fonck
Ève, a young harp player, uncovers the true nature of her parents’ relationship. Upset, she argues with her adulterous father who subsequently leaves.

Exactly one year later, the twenty year old decides to confront her dominant, aristocratic mother. She tells her that she knows where her father is. This upsets her mother who still seems to love her husband. The mother heads for a rendez-vous in a hotel. Arriving on the remote site, hotel room 637 is empty but the walls are covered with large photos of her husband and a younger woman. Ève enters and challenges her mother. But what Ève did not realize is that her mother was aware of her husband seeing other women. The fact that she knew, disgusts Ève and after an argument she runs off. Coming outside, almost hit by a car, it suddenly strikes her that she is not unlike her parents and certainly not morally superior to them. She looks back at the hotel and then decides to take a new turn in life: looking ahead not behind. She walks off and disappears in an average crowd.

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